Pre-Summer To Do List

I have to admit summer isn’t my favourite season. I love the feeling of summer and the smells of barbecues, the beach and the hot air but it’s definitely slightly overrated in the UK! This year I want to make the most of every single summers day so I’m getting ahead to plan a pre-summer to do list so I’m totally prepared for the next ‘heatwave’ that arrives!

  1. Plan a few road trips. Living in the south west means there are so many places in easy reach that I have still yet to explore. I want to head down to Cornwall more this year, discover some hidden beaches and go on more spontaneous road trips!
  2. Create a summer capsule wardrobe. I’ve been thinking about creating a capsule wardrobe for a while now and what better season to start. I find summer dressing quite a challenge so having less items that I really love will make picking an outfit so much easier!
  3. Look after my skin. I have really upped my skincare routine recently and have taken time to find what products really benefit my skin. I really want to try out this This Works Perfect Legs range to boost my confidence ready for those bare leg days!
  4. Update my makeup bag. I think a little makeup shopping spree is top of my summer to-do list as it has been a while since I picked up some new products to try. I’m looking for the perfect cream bronzer, rosy blush and peachy/pink lipstick!
  5. Eat better. I make a real effort to eat well already but ahead of the summer I want to find some new summer recipes to avoid temptation! I’ve already started getting into smoothies and delicious salads so I’m on the lookout for some new meals to make at home!

What is on your pre-summer to do list?

Daisy x