sunday brunch

sunday brunch
sunday brunch

The perfect Sunday to me definitely involves some sort of delicious brunch! My new life motto is to ‘treat everyday like a Sunday’  whether that be a breakfast in bed or an indulgent skincare session at night. I love experimenting with new brunch ideas and totally treating myself to a lush breakfast. There’s no better feeling than starting the morning slowly, catching up with your favourite tv show or blogs whilst tucking into a stack of pancakes!

Guilt-free pancakes > Pancakes are my weakness. I love them in all shapes, sizes and flavours but knowing they are guilt free makes them all the more enjoyable! I’m always a little skeptical about trying healthy pancakes but trust me, these are delicious! The recipe I have most recently started to use is this one on Kate’s blog but an old time favourite is the Madeline Shaw almond and grilled banana pancakes. So so good!

Lazy continental breakfast > This one is perfect if you don’t have as much time but still want a little Sunday morning treat. I love croissants and tend to stock up on a few different flavours if i know I’m in at the weekend. A croissant paired with a side of granola and yoghurt or a fruit salad is super simple to prepare or pick up the night before yet not too heavy if you have a busy day ahead. My favourite croissants are from Pret!

The savoury brunch > A Sunday brunch doesn’t always have to be sweet. If you prefer more of a savoury treat this little avocado and fried egg pairing is perfect. I usually just cut up a handful of tomatoes and an avocado before mixing it with some seasoning such as lime, chilli and coriander. I then add a fried or poached egg on top. This is also so delicious with some halloumi, little crispy potatoes or some toasted sourdough for a healthy-ish fry up!

What is your idea of the perfect Sunday brunch?

Daisy x