What I Got For My Birthday

What I Got For My Birthday What I Got For My BirthdayWhat I Got For My BirthdayOctober is by far my favourite month of the year. I love the start of autumn, the fact I can dedicate a whole week to my birthday and the festive season starts to make an appearance. I wanted to share a few of my birthday treats with you all as I always find these posts super helpful when it comes to buying gifts for others.

The one I was most excited for was of course my Glossier order. My mum volunteered to get me this as she knew just how long I had been waiting for the UK release. Everything is so beautifully packaged and it even comes in a pink bubble wrap makeup bag which is perfect for holding my everyday favourites. I have tried most of the products now and I’m pretty sure I will be making another order soon! You can see my Glossier haul here.

I have been dreaming about the Overose Paris candles for some time now and when I came across them in a little store in Brighton I was sold. The scents are all quite different and I would recommend testing them out before buying but the candles themselves are just so beautiful. ‘Shahaman’ was one of the shops bestsellers and it’s main note is Amber, perfect for cosy evenings in! I can’t wait to photograph this in every corner of the house.

I received a fair few accessories which I’m over the moon about as I love switching up my jewellery every now and then. I’m obsessed with these Pink Tassle Earrings as they instantly add some fun into a simple outfit. The colour is perfect and they are a great statement piece. I’ve also been wearing this little Gold Star Choker non stop as it’s so great for layering! I’m an all year round sunglasses wearer and the pair pictured above are everything I have been looking for! The lenses are slightly tinted and make everything look like the Valencia filter, I’m in love!

Of course no birthday is complete without some Lush goodies. I have been more into their pots recently and received a few for my birthday. ‘Sleepy‘ has been on my wishlist for a while and I can confirm it is magical! ‘Snow Fairy‘ is totally uplifting and I feel like my inner child comes out when I apply this in the mornings!

Finally, I have to share my excitement for these beautiful Pink Velvet Boots. They are super bright and totally out there but work so well with my monochrome wardrobe! They are currently in the sale and I have spent a good year trying to hunt a pair down. They instantly add something special to a simple outfit and I can’t believe how many compliments they get.


So this is a little sneak peak at what I got for my birthday. I also received quite a few little homeware items which I’m going to dedicate a whole post to soon!

Daisy x