A Glossier Haul

A Glossier Haul

A Glossier Haul

A Glossier Haul

For the longest time I have been lusting over the New York based beauty brand Glossier. The brand has such a loyal following and the packaging is so beautifully photogenic I just couldn’t resist. I already had an idea of what I wanted to pick up and as soon as the website went live my basket was instantly filled! Glowing, dewy skin is their promise and their range is designed for everyday simplicity. I’m already convinced!

Glossier Phase 1 Set: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser & The Balm Dotcom – I wasnt quite sure how quickly everything was going to sell out so I instantly added this little set to my basket just in case. I knew I wanted all three of these so it made sense to save a little bit of money at the same time! I’ve heard amazing reviews about each item and I can’t wait to apply them all for dewy, hydrated skin. I researched into the skincare to ensure it would be okay for sensitive skin and everything sounds like a dream! I’m already thinking about all of the different flavours of the Balm Dotcom.

Cloud Paint in ‘Dusk’ – Although I’m not a huge wearer of blush a little something on the cheeks can instantly update a minimal makeup look. I chose the shade ‘dusk’ as it seemed to be the most neutral in the range and the easiest to wear. I love that the cloud paints double up for both lips and cheeks as well as being able to mix and match all the shades in the range. Plus who can resist the adorable packaging?

Moisturising Moon Mask – Out of my whole Glossier haul the Moon Mask is one I can’t wait to try. I struggle with my skin in the winter especially so a super hydrating, yet gentle mask has been on my wish list forever. I think this will be the perfect evening pamper mask as well as an instant pick me up for dull, early morning skin.

Generation G Lipstick in ‘Cake’ – I have to say I was a lot more excited by the skincare than the makeup but I couldn’t resist trying out the Generation G Lipstick in Cake. The shade is a subtle rosy, peach which sounds perfect for everyday wear. I love a low maintenance product and being a massive lipstick hoarder I couldn’t not see what the fuss was about. I’m hoping this one becomes a new favourite.

The Super Pack – A slightly spontaneous buy as I wasn’t originally planning on buying one of these let alone all three! The super pack is made up of all three serums and although fairly small in size they come with amazing reviews. I have always struggled with my skin from hormonal breakouts to dehydration so I have high hopes for these little wonders. There’s one for busting breakouts, upping the glow and I’ll be sure to report back soon!


Let me know what items are in your Glossier haul & your first impressions!

Daisy x


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  • I’ve also made a Glossier order this week and I’m so excited to try out their stuff – especially the Milky Jelly Cleanser!

    Pumpkin Lemonade

    • I need to use this one a couple more times and I’m sure a review will be on it’s way! <3

  • Bo

    Still waiting for my order to come, but already making a list for the next one. Generation G in Cake is on it.
    -Bo / STROMVOE

    • I love the Generation G Lipsticks! So buttery and easy to wear xx

  • Literally just had the text to say my order is being delivered tomorrow and I legit squeeled, I’m so so excited and this just made me even more! I won’t sleep tonight, ive wanted glossier for SO long x

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

    • Eeek how exciting! I hope you love everything! <3

  • Emma

    Love your haul and gorgeous pictures. I got the phase 1 set too and I have been really impressed with the milky jelly cleanser and the balm dot com – even though part of me really didn’t want to give into the hype with those two!

    Emma xx

    • I rarely give in to the hype but I totally couldn’t resist with Glossier! xx

  • Just waiting for payday to make my order! Definitely going to add the milky jelly cleanser to my basket, I’ve heard so many great things about it! Hope you enjoy all your products x

    Andie | forshewasmighty

    • There’s so many little discount codes floating round so don’t forget to add one on your first order! <3

  • Lovely Glossier haul! The skincare range does sound absolutely divine, the first set of three are something that would definitely appeal to me!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume

    • Thank you Sophie, I think the phase one set is the perfect Glossier starter kit xx

  • Ah I need to try Glossier products. I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately xx


  • I’ve been addicted to my mint balm dot com and gen g lipstick in cake since I got them early last month, I’d love to know your thoughts on the cloud paint and the moisturising moon mask once you’ve tried them! I’m not much of a blush wearer either but dusk really appeals to me & I have the mega greens galaxy pack and have read so many reviews saying the two masks work best when sed together so can’t decide whether to take the plunge and buy it or not!
    Tara x

    • I’m obsessed with Dusk it’s the most beautiful shade and so easy at layering. I really want to pick up more of the balms as they sound so lovely! I really wish I bought both masks now as I really do feel like they’d be great as a duo. xx

  • Need to try the Cloud Paints! I wish Glossier was available to Portugal xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

    • I love the cloud paint so far, so easy to use and the prettiest of shades!

  • I also panic added the set to my basket! I’m so excited to try the cleanser, it’s so raved about! xx


    • I really thought things might have sold out but they must have stocked up really well! <3

  • This was such a good haul, I hope you get on well with all of the products you picked up! The Milky Jelly Cleanser is definitely my favorite product from Glossier, with the Super pack following closely behind. Definitely use all 3 of them together because that definitely shows the best results 🙂 It’ll also surprise you which one ends up being your favorite of the 3! I highly recommend picking up the Stretch Concealer next time around because it was a surprising favorite for me – it’s perfect for lightweight coverage that looks so natural 🙂

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

    • Thank you Cindy! You are the Glossier queen after all 🙂 I’m definitely going to try all three tonight for best results <3

  • Nice haul! I want to try the Glossier jelly cleanser, moon mask and the balm dotcom. Please update us after you’ve had enough time to try each product. ♥


    • Thank you Michelle, I can already say an update of them all will be coming soon! 🙂

  • I’m desperate to do another Glossier order, the cloud paint in dusk is high up on my list!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Everything is so tempting isn’t it! I’m already thinking about the face mist and more of the balms! xx

  • Ooo, lovely haul! I want to pick up their cloud paints! Dusk is such a pretty shade.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge