How I Plan and Create Blog Content

How I Plan And Create Blog ContentThis month I have made more of an effort to blog more! Although I still take more breaks than I used too I feel a lot happier with my content. Although there’s no easy way to think of unique ideas when it comes to how I plan and create blog content I still enjoy it just as much. Sitting down in the evening to think of new posts and photo ideas is one of my favourite parts of blogging!

Plan month by month – I love looking forward to the month ahead and planning ideas related to anything that might be happening. Whether that’s a trip away, a new product release or a seasonal event. I use this to my advantage and write a few ideas related to this. This week I’m off to Paris so I know a Sephora Haul will be coming up (eek!) and any travel related posts will fit in perfectly. I have also taken a note of the posts I want to create from Paris so I know what to photograph whilst I’m away.

Embrace every season – This is definitely my favourite tip! As soon as a new season approaches a whole load of new ideas are then opened up. I write each season out and fill them all with posts related to the time of year. There’s a different makeup routine for every season, wardrobe updates and a range of lifestyle posts to create. I also love any seasonal interior posts too! This is the easiest way to create current and popular content.

Take it back to basics – Whenever I feel slightly lost I always take it back to basics. An everyday makeup routine, a simple list or a chatty post can easily help you to get back on track. Often the simplistic of blog posts do the best! I love filtering these in to change it up from beauty posts.

Schedule in a day for photography – This is the hardest part to get right. More often than not I can write a blog post wherever I am but finding time (and beautiful natural light) to take photos in is hard. I always start the day by writing down the posts I need photos for, pick up some fresh flowers and then get to work. Once I’ve found the perfect spot I make the most of the lighting and background for at least a weeks worth of images.

Only create when you feel creative. So this one is definitely my blogging mantra this year. I have learnt to never post for the sake of it and only write when I’m feeling creative. Forcing out blog posts because you feel you have too never works in your favour! If I’m not in the mood to write or photograph I’ll sit down with a cup of tea and read through all of my favourite blogs. This always helps to inspire me to do better each time.

Find inspiration in everything – An evening scrolling through Pinterest or Bloglovin can immediately get the ideas flowing. I love taking notes and putting my own twist on them to fit in with my blog. This really helps me when I’m stuck in a rut or not in the mood for writing. I’m always trying to think of new ideas so I look for inspiration in everything!

How do you plan and create blog content?

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  • Loved this post! Wish I was as organised as you!

    Ellie x

  • I agree about the seasons point! Autumn is definitely an inspirational one x

    Alice // The Rose Glow

  • I loved this post! I’m really trying to put more effort into my blog so this post really helped!!

    Love Somachi xx

  • Totally agree with only creating when you feel creative! It always shows when I’ve tried to take photos or write when I’m not in the mood. I love brainstorming post ideas and then writing the actual content out later.

    Billie |

  • Such a useful post here! This past month I’ve had all my posts scheduled already and it’s so much easier. I think I might start planning months in advance from now on!xx

    Lucy |

  • Such good tips! I plan mine similarly to you, but I always seem to often forget seasonality and have to put in a non planned post to ensure i’m staying ‘current’ as such! xx

  • I agree with so many of these point – especially finding inspiration in everything and not forcing yourself to be creative! I was having a really uninspired point a couple of weeks back, but I just gave it a rest a didn’t put pressure on myself and now I’m so ready to go! Also I love mapping out what I want to take pictures of before a trip so that I don’t forget anything! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Style Beauty Travel

  • You have such neat writing hehe! I keep a list on my bedside cabinet so I can note down any ideas that pop into my mind, and can remember to shoot photos for them! I find that taking photos helps with my blog inspiration xx

    Jasmine ||

  • I’ve been using a monthly planner for my blog too but sometimes work overwhelms me and I can’t get it right 🙁 I love when I have a creative rush and write 2 or 3 posts in a day and take photos that same morning, not that it happens quite often but it does haha xx

    | |

  • Charlotte

    This is such a handy blog post. Just out of curiosity where is your daily planner that you’ve got from? I love it when I can see I’ve got posts scheduled a week+ in advance it gives me even more motivation to produce more content. 100% agree with the don’t produce if you’re not feeling it..a post that’s forced is never as good as one that you love
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

  • So many lovely tips! I had a couple of weeks off from work last month so I saved a few days to solely work on my blog and prepare content in advance as I was feeling inspired. It feels great being ahead and not needing to rush things. As you said, forcing out blog posts is never a good idea. x

  • Thank you for the tips! When I’m having a creative block I love to read posts like this. I often follow my inspiration; on days when writing comes to me naturally I start multiple blog posts, write the core points and re-read and finish on another day as needed. I find it hard to schedule time for photography; usually on the days when there’s time and light I don’t have the inspiration nor energy!

    xx Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

  • Finding inspiration in everything is such a great point! Yesterday I was stumped, everything I wrote or drew was not working out. Then spotify played Elvis and I started to draw his portrait. It seemed to do the trick to break the creative wall x

  • Great post! You’ve shared so many great tips! Really helpful post! xo

    Hanney |

  • Philippa

    Great tips!
    Definitely agree with taking photos in bulk, always helps me feel like I’ve made a start!
    Philippa x

  • Katherine Jerenashvili

    You are so inspirational