Little Ways To Unwind After A Busy Day

unwind after a busy day

Juggling work, life and blogging isn’t easy. My whole week is usually filled with all of these meaning there isn’t much time left to unwind. I usually end up crashing out by 9pm! I have a few little ways I like to unwind after a busy day that I always look forward too.

Write a list. Getting organised is the easiest way to switch off and unwind. Even if I don’t actually do the organising, writing a list helps me to see exactly what needs to be done the next day. Plus it feels really productive making it easier to unwind before bed.

Organise a summers night in. Staying in can definitely be just as fun as going out these days. I can’t wait to hold pizza parties and movie nights now that I have moved into my own place. If the weather is good then why not have a picnic in the garden, it requires hardly any effort and can be the best distraction from a busy day.

Have a digital detox. I think this one is the most important and it has the biggest impact when I want to unwind after a busy day. All of my day is spent around a computer so having a night away from any sort of screen and social media works wonders for my mind! It also leads to a good nights sleep.

Go for an evening coffee date. Heading out of the house and walking to one of your favourite local spots for the evening can feel like such a treat! Sometimes I pack up my laptop and get ahead with some blogging, I always get so much done whenever I do this. I mean, I mainly always swap coffee for a hot chocolate!

Create a cosy corner. I’m all about getting cosy. I love blankets, tea and oversized jumpers to snuggle up in. Any time it’s raining I use it to my advantage and create a cosy corner to totally unwind in. Whether it’s for scrolling through Pinterest, shopping online or catching up with my favourite T.V shows it’s my guilty pleasure whilst the rain is tapping against the window.  I love lighting a candle or two and coconut and lime scent from Arum London* is so beautiful.

How do you like to unwind after a busy day?

Daisy x


  • I definitely needed this post today, it’s been one of those days! I watched some bingey TV when I got home and it felt so good.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  • I feel like I’ve been treating myself to days like this waaaaay too often lately hahaha. Love this post though, evening coffee dates are my favourite!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x

  • I’m definitely all about those cosy corners! Give me a blanket, cup of tea, candle and book and I’m happy as anything <3 xxx

  • Beautiful post! I’m such a cosy girl too – pizza, candles, Netflix, ice cream and a huge blanket usually do the trick for me.

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey