Styling Shelves 101

styling shelves styling shelves styling shelves styling shelves styling shelves On the very first visit to our new home one of my favourite features was this beautiful corner. I had so many ideas for how I could style these white built in shelves that I couldn’t wait to get started. Fast forward a month and this is one of my favourite corners of our home. I am forever changing them up, adding new pieces as and when I get them and of course, filling the gaps with fresh flowers.

I’ve kept to a colour scheme of muted colours, pops of pink and brass details. I think this works so well when it comes to styling shelves and it makes them really visually pleasing. I’ve added in pink books, gold trinkets and little posies of wild flowers to brighten up the space. The Polka Dot Vase really works well amongst the pink and it’s easily one of my favourite items.

Creating different heights is the key to pulling the whole look together. I like to pile up a few books here and there to stop everything being on one level. Most of these books are ones I don’t reach for too often but I want them to be close by. It’s also the perfect way to inject some colour into a very white corner! I’ve also added in a few of my smaller Desenio Prints before to make it more personal. This is also a great way to instantly add some height without using too many items at once!

Candles are a massive part of our home and I love keeping a few favourites on display here. My go-to summer scent at the moment is the ARUM Coconut and Lime Candle*. The packaging is so beautiful, the pink details with the gold foil lettering is instantly a winner with me! However, this scent is just incredible. I am totally obsessed with all things coconut and the hint of lime adds the perfect summery touch. Our whole home smells like a mixture of a tropical island and freshly mixed cocktails – I can’t get enough!

When it comes to styling shelves it definitely takes some playing around to get everything in it’s perfect positioning. I mix things up almost once a week and it definitely looks better each time. I have added in a string of fairy lights to the top shelf to stop it looking so uniformed and this looks amazing in the evenings. I think this whole corner is the perfect representation of my interior decor style!

What do you think of this little corner and what are your tips for styling shelves?

Daisy x

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  • charlotte

    Cutest corner ever! I am definitely inspired. x

  • I love styling shelves, I find that it really transforms a space. I love the spotty vase!

    Danielle xx

  • I’m so jealous of people and their shelving units! I can’t wait to have some when I move and can’t wait to style. Love all the little bits you have – particularly that dotted vase!

    Cindy |

  • Rachael Dickinson

    These are so amazing – definitely insta/pinterest material!!

    Rachael xox

  • I love having white shelves to put bits and pieces. We got a white shelving unit for our spare room and I love filling it with books, photos and favourite ornaments x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • Absolutely love how you’ve styled these shelves, the colour scheme is everything!

    Lucie | Forever September

  • How cute!! I don’t have any shelves now, I used to be obsessed with them when I was younger. I’ve been wanting to get rid of so much furniture that takes a lot of space and get some little shelves for my room <3

    | |

  • I LOOOVE your shelves! They look so pretty! I need to work on mine! x