5 Mid Year Goals

mid year goals

This year has been quite a whirlwind so far. Over the last week I have moved into my first home and had my little blog featured in Blogosphere Magazine! I am actually more content then ever right now and I feel as though it’s about time to think of some mid year goals.

Take more time off. Having no internet for nearly two weeks now means I actually feel more relaxed than ever. I have so much time on my hands without being able to log on to social media at every spare second. One thing I’m definitely going to make more of a thing is internet free breaks! Taking time off everything ‘internet’ has done me the world of good!

Find a fintness routine. Since I have moved out I absolutely love my surroundings and it’s motivating me to get out more. I’ve always been good at eating well so now I want to take even more care of myself and find a fitness routine I enjoy. I can’t wait to feel good about myself and full of energy.

Blog more regularly. One thing I have missed since moving out is the whole blogging community. Having some time away from all things blogging has made me realise how much I love doing it! Although I would love to post more regularly I don’t like putting any pressure on myself when it comes to blogging. The less you force it the more you enjoy the whole process.

Say yes more often. There’s something about the summer that makes me feel more spontaneous. Whether that’s saying yes to an evening out or a blogging opportunity I would have usually turned down. I really want to try my hand at a few new things this summer. This one is definitely one of my favourite mid year goals.

Set up our office! This is definitely something I want to do sooner rather than later as we finally have a whole room just for an office. I’ve been spending so much time putting together a whole load of colour schemes, desk ideas and office staples ready for the office. Pinterest has been such an enabler of course!

What are your mid year goals?

Daisy x


  • We only recently moved house and finished setting my office up – I’m obsessed! I always feel so inspired by a new, pretty space! Congrats on the magazine feature too!

    Sharni // http://www.agirlandgrey.com

  • I definitely agree with taking time away from the internet! Whenever I just leave my phone in the other room I get so much more done. I’ve just finished uni for the summer and I have so many goals for the next few months, the main one to get out and explore! Good luck with your goals <3 xxx

  • One of my goals is definitely to have some more time away from the internet, I think sometimes it is needed!

    Danielle xx