40 Instagram Post Ideas

40 instagram post ideas

A couple of weeks a go I put up this post filled with 50 different blog post ideas and it’s one of my all time most popular posts. I love writing down post ideas as it really helps me when I’m going through a busy period or lacking new ideas! Instagram used to be one of my favourite apps but recently I have a real love/hate relationship with it! I wanted to write down 40 Instagram post ideas to keep me inspired.

Fashion >

  1. A simple outfit of the day against a plain/coloured background
  2. A close up of outfit details (watches, jewellery, bags etc)
  3. A flatlay of what’s in your bag
  4. A couples, friend or group outfit of the day
  5. Outfits of the week/weekend using multiple photos
  6. A shopping haul
  7. Share a picture from a store display
  8. Take an action shot in an outfit
  9. Take a ‘from where I stand’ photo against pretty flowers/scenery
  10. Capture your favourite shoes on a patterned floor
Lifestyle >
  1. A shot of your desk area or workspace
  2. Breakfast in bed at the weekend
  3. Share what you have baked or cooked that day
  4. A ‘What I eat in a day’ using the multiple photos feature
  5. A photo that captures the current season
  6. Your morning coffee
  7. Pretty flowers from where your standing
  8. A view of your brunch, coffee date or food from above
  9. A corner of your home or a room tour
  10. An ‘on the bed’ shot of fresh flowers, brunch or general items
Beauty >

  1. A flatlay of your makeup of the day
  2. Your favourite lipsticks, eyeshadows or bronzers
  3. Your current favourite product with a mini review
  4. Bedside table beauty products
  5. A selfie of your favourite makeup
  6. A roundup of pink, red or nude products
  7. A dressing table shop
  8. How you display/organise your makeup
  9. A close up of a particular product/beauty area/’shelfie’
  10. A morning or evening routine shot
Travel >
  1. Pretty streets or shop/house fronts
  2. Colourful front doors
  3. Views from different heights, rooftops or buildings
  4. Famous landmarks or sites whilst travelling
  5. Sunsets or sunrises
  6. Your plane essentials, travelling outfit or view from the flight
  7. Share a shot on a beach, by the pool or in a location
  8. A photo of the local food/culture or scenery
  9. Share photos from a cafe, restaurant or hotel
  10. Capture one of your favourite memories of the trip

Do you have any Instagram post ideas you always rely on?

Daisy x