10 Things I’m Currently Loving

Currently loving

I thought it would be nice for this Sunday to share a list of things I’m currently loving. I love simple list posts, especially ones that are short and sweet! What better way to end a month than with a list of lovely things, I’d also love to hear what you have been loving lately too.

  1. I have a week off! The first one in over 6 months, eek! I am so excited to wear my favourite clothes, cook lush food and take photos again! It’s been a long time coming.
  2. The early signs of spring. The lighter evenings, pretty spring flowers and summer clothes are totally teasing me right now. I can’t wait for March to begin next week!
  3. Planning my trip to Amsterdam. I think I have actually spent more time planning my trip, where to go and what to eat then the time I will actually spend there! I just can’t wait to get away and experience a new city.
  4. Our new ‘pinterest-worthy’ bathroom. Yep, I never thought I would see the day! We have recently had a beautiful bathroom make over and it’s what dreams are made of. Sneak peak coming on the blog soon.
  5. Perfecting pancake recipes for Shrove Tuesday. I’m actually going to be in Amsterdam for pancake day but I have been making more than enough batches to see me through the week. Whats your fave topping?!
  6. Slow mornings. I love love love having a morning off to do whatever it is I want. I like getting up (fairly) early, having a bath and changing in to fresh pyjamas to catch up on all my favourite things.
  7. Pinterest. I am so late to the game when it comes to Pinterest. I’ve always gone through phases of using it but right now I’m obsessed. I’ve recently made a new account and it’s full of blush pink, interiors and delicious recipes!
  8. Catching up with my favourite bloggers. I have a whole list of lovely bloggers I am currently loving right now so I will be writing an up to date list of who to follow soon! A few long term favourites include Isabella, Poppy and Kate.
  9. Burning a new candle. I am slowly working my way through all of my candles. I have so many new ones to start and I love getting my room all cosy and lighting a fresh new candle in the evening. One of life’s simple pleasures!
  10. Homeware & interiors. As you all know I have been featuring a little more homeware on the blog recently, firstly a room tour and then an all things homeware post! I can’t wait to show you what spring pieces I have been picking up here and there.

What are you currently loving?

Daisy x