The Year Of Cosy

year of cosy

One thing that is getting me through these cold winter days is the thought of getting cosy at every possible opportunity. I’m definitely in my element when I’m wrapped up in 5 layers, a blanket and a hot chocolate by my side! Shopping for winter clothing is my favourite, I’m always drawn to the biggest jumpers and oversized scarfs for extra warmth when I’m out and about! I thought I’d share some of my favourite winter warmers with you all to overcome the january blues and help you embrace the year of cosy!

 year of cosy

Winter clothes shopping is my favourite. I absolutely love finding super cosy jumpers and oversized scarves to wrap up in whilst I’m out and about. I’ve lived in my big blush pink blanket scarf this year and it’s perfect for those long winter walks. I hardly go a day without wearing some sort of jumper, whether thats a roll neck tucked into a leather skirt or a casual sweatshirt for around the house. This super soft pink sweater has been my go-to for days off at home. It keeps me so warm and is perfect for layering up in. I feel like this jumper really brightens up a casual, off duty day outfit whilst still being warm and practical. I can’t wait to take this one throughout the year and pair it with spring/summer looks. It’s really affordable too!

I’ve added so many new books to my collection recently to keep my evenings free from the internet. I think it’s really beneficial to have a digital detox every now and then so reading is a great way to fill up my time. I’m loving Eat Smart for some January healthy eating motivation, Estee Lalonde’s Bloom for a light hearted read and Capture Your Style for creative inspiration.

Creating a cosy space at home is one of my favourite things to do. With the ‘Hygge’ phase everywhere we look it’s hard not to take part in the year of cosy. As soon as I’m ready to switch off for the evening I light my favourite candle and turn on all of the fairy lights. I’m loving a mixture of the Pomegranate and Winter ranges from The White Company for a real comforting, evening scent. This atmosphere totally relaxes me in no time and I instantly feel ready to wind down. Have a sneak peak of my bedroom in this post here.

Finally, I’ve really been making the effort to take some time off for myself to relax. I’ve been spending the evenings watching episodes of Greys Anatomy, running lush filled bubble baths and even a cinema trip here and there (La La Land is next on my list!) I’ve also loved spending some time in the evenings to bake treats and prepare food for the week ahead. This always helps me to feel motivated and ready for the week whilst still enjoying time off in the comfort of my own home.

year of cosy

What makes you feel cosy?

Daisy x

  • I really want to get Capture Your Style, although I already have a load of unfinished beauty books haha X

    | |

  • Yesss. I’ve been taking a break from blogging for the past few weeks and just embracing the cold that is Winter. California has been in a drought for yearrrrs and we’re finally getting rain – which is good, but I’m definitely hibernating away in my room. I’m trying to make it feel more cozy and I just picked up the Little Book of Hygge to hone in on that a little bit more. I think I also want to spend more time reading some books this year, and now’s a good a time as ever to start! Hope you’re enjoying those Grey’s Anatomy re-runs – I re-watched all of them a few years back 🙂

    Cindy |

  • Such a lovely post idea Daisy! I love cosying up with blankets and books, you have some great recommendations! La La Land is incredible, you will love it 🙂
    – Ambar x

  • Sunday evening is now my dedicated time to catch up on some TV, throw on a face mask and just have a bit of me time, I’m also back into reading which I love!
    There’s nothing like a cosy night in to refresh yourself, especially in this hideous weather haha x

  • As soon as I come home from work I whack on the comfiest bottoms and my dressing gown as there is nothing more satisfying! Also, that pillow is so cute! – Great post xx

  • Laura Mareno

    Love that sweater!! Also you should definitely watch La La Land! It’s so good!! kisses:D

  • Really enjoying your content at the minute, such a lovely post! I’m the same, you won’t find me without a thermal on and a cup of tea in the winter (21 turned 80 I swear). Love the look of the H&M scarf too!

    Jodie /

  • I think the ‘Year of Cozy’ sounds like a good plan to me. I honestly don’t mind the idea of a ‘comforting year’. Loving post, darling! xo

    McKenzie |

  • When I am at home in the winter I am constantly in a nice big comfy jumper, I love to be cosy and warm!

    Danielle xx

  • This was such a good read babe! I agree, wrapping up in a cosy blanket and having a hot chocolate on stand by, is definitely what makes me cosy!x

    Millie x

  • Nice blog for winter collection. Cute pink sweater.

  • Amy

    Fairy lights always help me feel cozy! These all sound like wonderful ways to keep warm and snug ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  • I love all of the pink in this blog post – and La La Land is up next on my to-see list!

    Sharni //