The Must Have Shoes For Autumn

Must have shoes for autumnCan we all just take a minute to take in how adorable these little kitty kat flats are?! So many Charlotte Olympia feels. I first saw these on ASOS about a month ago and after adding them to my wishlist I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I knew I’d be devastated if they sold out so the next day they were mine! They have instantly become my must have shoes for autumn!

I’ve admired the Charlotte Olympia range since forever and knew there was no way I’d spend that much on a simple flat. I think these are such an amazing dupe and I’m super impressed with the quality. The velvet makes them look that little bit smarter and the rose gold detailing is just adorable.

I’ve worn them so much more than I first thought I would, although they aren’t totally practical for the english winter weather I can’t resist pairing them with nearly every outfit right now. They add that little extra something special to a simple monochrome outfit, look super cute paired with tights all whilst being super comfortable. I’ve never been one to have a whole load of shoes, I tend to find a pair I love and stick with them. I really don’t think I’ll be getting fed up with these anytime soon as they are just so adorable!

I definitely think this style of shoe will be the ‘in’ thing for the next month or two. I’ve seen that Topshop have already brought out their own version too! So this is just a heads up to get them before they’re gone or it’s too cold!

What are your must have shoes right now?

Daisy x