Learning To Love Your Body

Learning to love your body

Working in retail taught me one thing… Nearly every woman that stepped in to the changing room mentioned one thing they hated about their body. After going in and trying something on they would step back out and point out something they wish they could change or didn’t have. The main thing I learnt from this was that I never noticed the issue they thought they had before they pointed it out, even then it was barely noticeable. It showed me that we view ourselves so differently to how other people view us. I would instantly see how well something fitted or how a different shape or style would maybe compliment their shape better, it really was an eye opener seeing how harsh we can be on ourselves.

Over the years I’ve struggled with body confidence issues as much as the next person. ‘Do I look too skinny?’ is a question I would find myself asking all the time. I have always been naturally slim but healthy none the less. I eat well, exercise often (but no way near enough) and yet still would get told to ‘eat a burger’ once in a while. (PS. I LOVE BURGERS.) Another one that would often be thrown my way is that ‘you’re not a real woman if you don’t have curves’ which is one that I still struggle to get my head around?!

Over the years it really bugged me, I couldn’t put weight on so I would try to pad myself out with layers (not ideal in the summer months) so winter became my best friend. However, I’ve now realised the older I get the less I find myself caring. As long as I know I’m healthy on the inside then I should embrace my smaller frame on the outside, especially as it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Plus, life is way to short to be worrying about what other people think of us, right?

My main tip would be to shop around and find the right clothes that flatter your body and highlight your assets. This really can be a life changer in terms of confidence and learning to love your body. Also, tell yourself that it really is only you looking at the parts of your body you’re not happy with, no one else will even look twice unless you point them out! We’re all too worried about ourselves at the end of the day anyway.

So basically, if someone looks good tell them! It might just be the boost they need or the one thing that makes their day. Also, stop being so hard on yourself, if we can’t be kind to ourselves then how do we expect anyone else to be? As soon as you start to remind yourself of all these points, then you really will start to feel GREAT.

I hope that this post pushes you that tiny step forward to learning to love your body!

Daisy x

  • Really thought provoking post Daisy! Body confidence is something I have issues with too so this was lovely to read 🙂
    – Ambar x

    • Thanks Ambar, it really is so common but how often do you notice other people’s insecurities?! Almost never! So it’s silly that we beat ourself up for our own! Hope this post inspired you to be a little kinder to yourself! 🙂 xx

  • I have major issues with my body too and feel so ashamed about it but something I am learning to deal with

    Beauty Candy Loves

    • Every little step helps! Just need to realise that we all suffer from some sort of body image insecurity! <3

  • This post was so inspirational and sweet! Most of the time I love my body, but when I hear people comment negatively on my body I just break down. So far, I’m working on learning to not care what other people think and to love myself for who I am. This post was the perfect boost of self-esteem I needed! Thanks!

    xoxo, Truc

  • I love this post, Daisy, and I agree with everything. I’ve learned that the constant fear of being judged is the reflection of ourself, if we think positively of other people, then we’d start stop caring about how people would see us because in our mind, they’re also looking at the good part of us, not our flaw. So I think, it’s also important to stop judging other people, only then we can be truly comfortable with ourselves 🙂

    Selene Addicted

  • Claire Cavanagh

    You’ve so hit the mark with this one – we’re our own worst critics, which is such a shame as like you say, nobody else probably notices the ‘flaws’. I’m so happy you’ve learned to be happy with yourself – your figure is a dream!

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  • Such an important issue – I’ve been very slim all my life and the amount of nasty comments I’ve received is just shocking. I personally will never understand the ‘real women have curves’ statement either, aren’t we all REAL women, curvy or not?! I’m pleased you’re accepting yourself more and caring less, best way to be (you have an amazing figure may I add)!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • WineAndWhine

    Retail is a big black hole for body confidence issues. Especially as sizes at stores can be completely different and its very misleading x


  • Shannen

    Such a great post, loved it 🙂 xx