Packing For An Overnight Stay

packing for an overnight stay

packing for an overnight stay

Packing for an overnight stay can sometimes be more stressful than packing for a week abroad. I’m off to London tomorrow for one night and can only take one bag with me so I thought I’d challenge myself to keep it as minimal as possible! After all it’s only one night away.

Outfit: Seeing as I’ll be out and about in the city for both days as well as travelling there and back I want something that feels comfortable but also looks put together. I’m opting for black skinny jeans and a black off the shoulder top but also packing my trusty Brandy Melville slogan tee for the journey. This will easily fold down to almost nothing when it’s in my bag and it’s always good to have a spare top just in case! I’m also going to pack some lightweight summer PJ’s that I will fold up and line my bag with.

Beauty: I’m taking only a small makeup bag as this is what will take up the most room. For the first day I will do my makeup before I leave meaning it’s only the second day I’ll need to pack for. I’m packing the basics for a minimal look but ones that also double up as an additional product such as the Sleek Face Form Contour Kit that I will also use as eyeshadow and a mirror! My favourite Nars Sheer Glow foundation made the cut as the coverage is perfect meaning I can pass on concealer. I can’t go without a mascara so I’ve chosen the only sample size I had left but it’s also one of my favourites, Benefit’s Roller Lash and popped in a natural pink lip gloss NYX Creme Brûlée as it’s easy to apply on the go. For skincare I normally just pack whatever samples I have laying around as it’s only for one use.

Extras: Before I leave I always check the weather to see if it’s worth taking an umbrella. I normally always do but seeing as it’s summer I will more than likely risk it! Sunglasses are perfect for hiding second day hair or tired eyes so these are a must have whilst travelling. I always keep a hand sanitiser in my bag and the Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash smells beautiful and feels really refreshing! To save me carrying anything else I charge everything up before I go and just pop in my iPhone charger as a backup.

Apart from all the necessities like my purse, camera and phone this is all I’m packing for my 36 hours in London!

What are your tips and must have items whilst packing for an overnight stay?

Daisy x