How To Travel On A Part Time Job

How To Travel On A Part Time JobHow To Travel On A Part Time Job How To Travel On A Part Time Job How I Travel On A Part Time Job

Okay so I haven’t exactly been around the world but I have been to my fair share of places over the last few years. Paris was my most recent and also one of my favourite trips. Florida was also a highlight and one I’ll never forget. Over the last year I have only been working part time and have still managed to enjoy a fair few trips! I thought I would share some of my tips so you can travel on a budget and not miss out.

Go out of season. As soon as school holidays hit the prices almost triple! Try and book a trip out of season or look for the cheapest month. The weather might not be as good but you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money that can be put towards another trip later on in the year. I always check Sky Scanner for a heads up on the cheapest flights to different destinations.

Look for an apartment. Hotels can be so expensive and a little hit or miss. There are so many holiday apartments available in most cities now that come fully equipped with a kitchen so you save money on eating out three times a day! Plus they give you a lot more freedom and comfort. I love looking through ‘Air bnb’ or even for some amazing self serviced apartments.

Put your research in. Every place I visit whether it be a abroad or even just up to London I always research it well and make a note of attractions, places to eat and things to do. It’s really cost effective to work out how much things will cost beforehand so you only end up doing exactly what you want too rather than wasting time and money whilst you are there. Reading reviews to see if things are worth the price is always a help.

Walk everywhere. This is my number one tip! In paris my boyfriend and I walked everywhere we could and we saw so much more because of it! The amount of sights we stumbled upon by mistake was unreal and so so worth the walk. It saves money on public transport and you get to experience the culture at the same time.

Look out for last minute deals. Right before I go I always look online for any discounted excursions or offers that are reduced due to it being last minute. I also love O2 Priority for cheap deals on food and drinks in different cities. Every little saving can be put towards something else! This also works for last minute hotel deals too.

So there are a few tips on how to travel on a part time job! What are your tips for travelling on a budget?

Daisy x