The Sunday Edit: Dressing For Summer

Dressing for summer

So for anyone living in the UK right now you would know about the mini heatwave we have been experiencing this week and seeing as it happens so rarely I almost feel like I have to document it! I’m not a massive summer girl, I love the idea of it but I honestly spend more time feeling uncomfortable than relaxed! Dressing for summer doesn’t come naturally to me either as I genuinely like to be a little more covered up in the leg area! However, this week has been lovely. The sun instantly boosts my mood and getting up in the mornings is so much easier.

Dressing for summer

Dressing for summer

Dressing for summer

I picked up this dress in London recently whilst shopping in Brandy Melville. I have to say this has quickly become my go-to shop for clothes as I basically love everything! I picked up quite a few new things and I’m completely in love with all of it. This dress is super lightweight and the split up the side means it’s comfortable to wear for long days out and about in the heat. Although everything in Brandy Melville is all one size, this fits perfectly and has saved me on many occasions!

Seeing as I haven’t been working over the last two weeks I have been making more of an effort to have make up free days and use less heat on my hair. I can’t believe how much difference I have seen in the condition of my skin and it feels so great to be a little more low maintenance in this hot weather! As for my hair, a low messy pony tail is a life saver for when it comes to keeping cool!

How do you feel about dressing for summer ?

Daisy x

  • Such a simple yet pretty dress! Stripes are so easy to style. The flowers are gorgeous also x

    Lauren |

  • Love this look, Brandy Melville has some really cool and comfortable stuff and it’s just a great all rounder 😉 I hail from a warm country so I’m pretty used to it (ha) and to be honest, I love the heat just because it’s *so* much easier to dress. I can throw on a dress, or a smart shirt and skirt without worrying about freezing! Or layering which is my biggest nightmare!

    Cherie | sinonym

    • Ahh I’m totally the opposite! It’s always cold here so dressing for summer is so much harder for me! xx

  • What a beautiful outfit!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • great outfit, you look lovely!

  • Love this outfit! Also, where are your shoes from?! They are absolutely gorgeous! xox

    • They are Topshop! I have linked similar ones above! 🙂 xx

  • That dress looks so chic on you! It’s perfect for Summer.

  • I love this dress so much, stripes are definitely in for summer 🙂
    Kathy x