3 Food Blogs I Love

For the last couple of years eating healthier has been an area of my life I’ve wanted to improve and learn more about. I eat relatively healthy anyway and having always been a vegetarian it isn’t so hard. Over the last 6 months or so healthy eating has become ‘on trend’ which I love. It’s so inspiring hearing how amazing people feel when they eat a healthier. I’ve been scanning the internet for healthy-ish food blogs that contain realistic and achievable recipes, so here are three of my favourites.

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Love and lemons

I found Jeanine’s blog through Bloglovin’ and I am so happy I did. Her photography is so inspiring and the recipes she creates are 90% vegetarian. Jeanine says her goal is to inspire people to get creative with vegetables and not to tell people what to eat, which I love! She has a lovely variety of sweet and savoury dishes and I could scroll through her blog for hours, it’s amazing.

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I found Izy through Instagram and she has some of the most delicious looking sweet recipes I’ve ever come across on a blog! I love that she has something to suit everyone, not just vegan and gluten free recipes. You will find everything from the sweetest treats to the best mac and cheese on her blog. She is so inspiring with what she has achieved at only 19 and I always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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This was one of the first websites I became obsessed with when I wanted to take my healthy lifestyle to the next step. Not only do they focus on healthy recipes there are sections for workouts, food schedules and lifestyle. The recipe tab is my favourite, the girls really know how to make healthy eating fun and current. I love how they adapt everyones favourite indulgent foods such as burgers and pancakes into something guilt free but still delicious. I would recommend visiting their blog if you are wanting to make some healthier lifestyle changes!

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What are your favourite food blogs, Instagram accounts or Youtube channels?

Daisy x

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