The Sunday Post: The Best Burgers In Town

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A couple of months a go whilst searching for some new places to eat I stumbled upon Ruby Modern Diner in Exeter. I’m not a huge burger lover and it’s definitely not somewhere I’d usually pick being a vegetarian but something really caught my eye. I loved the interior and feel for the place as soon as I stepped foot inside and if the food was anything as good as the atmosphere I knew it would be a winner.


The menu had so many choices on offer, from the meatiest to the healthiest, for small appetites and big, they literally cater for everyone. Seeing as it was quite early I decided to go for the smaller burger which included a slider, fries and a drink all for £5! I honestly think this is a great option to have for people who are looking for a lighter lunch but still something delicious. The sizing was perfect for me and kept me satisfied all day.


I have to say that this was honestly the best veggie burger I have every tried! I’ve been back twice to ensure it wasn’t just a one off (any excuse) and it was just as amazing as the first time. The spicy bean burger I finally decided on came topped with a whole load of flavours including avocado, red peppers and smoky ruby mayo which made it so tasty and unlike any others I’d had before. The food was really refreshing as it didn’t feel greasy at all.


The overall feel of the diner is exactly how you’d imagine it with a real modern touch. With so much to try out including indulgent desserts/milkshakes and a takeaway option available I’d definitely recommend any burger lover or foodie to try it out. The prices are also amazing for the high quality of food and the service rivals every chain I’ve been too. I’m already planning another visit back and spreading the word to everyone I know.


Where is one of your favourite places to eat?

Daisy x

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